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About Michelle

Hey! This is Michelle Nolan, Ahthor of this blog. I’m very glad & grateful you’re here.

I’m an independent content writer and blogger with a passion to write new things and providing accurate and trusted information by exploring internet and from different sources.

I live in Canada, work in past as mental health therapist with my special skills in psychiatry during that era I earned multiple skills with a passion for learning new things but that doesn’t make me pleased. 3 years ago I left my job and return to my love which is obviously writing what I have dreamed of doing without any pressure of earning handsomely. I’m now an excellent freelancer selling my services on top platforms like Freelance.com, Upwork.com, Fiver.com, etc.

All the information is collected from different sources. I love writing because it helps people to gain new information and also I have learned a lot and empowered myself. I hope you will enjoy the tour of my blog I always use simple words so that people around the world can easily understand.

Thank you.